World precedent of outrageous defamation

A shocking compromising video (“Who benefits from the world conflict? Or ALLATRA IPM refers to dignity, freedom and human rights”) has appeared online. It speaks about wrongful actions of unscrupulous journalists from Ukraine (“24” news channel, “Espreso”, and “2 + 2”). They publicly slandered ALLATRA International volunteer movement, the members of which live in different countries around the world. With their defamation, these people, who bring disgrace on the honour of journalism, have jeopardized the life and health of a well-known member of ALLATRA International Public Movement Dr. Igor Danilov, whom people in many countries call a Man of Peace. Being a Christian, he publicly defended the true Islam and the unity of all people in the world. This film is a video appeal to the world community. It discloses outrageous cases of a global defamatory precedent, a violation of international regulations, principles, and declarations on the protection of human freedom and rights as well as the business reputation of ALLATRA international organization.

About paid-for “pseudo-investigations”, libel, distorted coverage of information, inducing the audience to animosity and much more. Using a certain example, it presents evidence, video and facts, which reflect also the modern problems of international journalism. They testify to the fact how “contract killer journalists” impose a certain opinion on viewers, how rumors are endowed with credibility. How a negative, conflict, and aggressive basis is used to disseminate information which is not factual. How audience from different countries is deprived of the opportunity to evaluate events objectively and form an opinion independently. How human rights are violated in mass media.


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