A QUESTION TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY: What news and events would you like to fill the media space with?

The precedent, that has happened in the Ukrainian media space and that has been recently covered by Czech on-line TV channel “Who benefits from the world conflict? Or ALLATRA IPM refers to dignity, freedom and human rights” raises very important questions to the international journalism. You can find out more details about shocking slander against the activity of global organization – ALLATRA International Public Movement on this page: /event/23

Let’s examine the problem on a global scale. What kind of information predominates today in the informational media space?

Why in the today‘s world news and examples of kindness, humanity, mutual assistance and friendship between nations, of positive changes in different regions and countries around the globe are shamefully ignored and nearly suppressed? After all, this is stipulated in international treaties which regulate relations between countries and should be a priority for every peace-loving nation. Are these laws really adhered to in the global society? And who prevents us from living in peace with each other and at peace with ourselves?

Maybe we should start acting like humans towards each other, preserve and enhance the spirit of brotherhood, peaceful neighborliness and mutual respect between nations? After all, the choice does not remain with a small group of liars who destabilize the situation in the global community for their own benefit by financing such incitements in mass media. Liars who impose an editorial policy beneficial for them personally in media resources they control and create conditions for cultivation of judas journalists who sell their Honor, Conscience, human dignity, and all the best and kindest in them, for 30 cents.

Different people work in mass media. Most of them are decent and honest journalists who reflect information in a professional, objective and ethical way across the globe, who express opinions, being guided by the purity of their human spirit, their honor and conscience. And the fact that these people all alone have to defend not only their reputation of honest and decent people, but also defend the honor and dignity of citizens of other countries, is our fault as of the world community, because the quality of media products fully depends on each of us as consumers, when we turn on one or another TV program, or read certain newspapers or news on the Internet. What kind of information do we want to "absorb": about violence, slander and human vices, or about creation, kindness and the triumph of the human spirit over obscurantism of the consumer system? A product of which media quality do we produce ourselves by posting our comments on the Internet? What do we protect and cultivate in the world: good or evil? And how do we do this: with anger and hatred, or with compassion, understanding and responsibility before our Conscience for every our thought and action? The internal creates the external!

“We are all human beings, and all of us have the same place of living ‒ the Earth, one nationality – mankind, one common value – life, thanks to which we can worthily attain self-fulfillment and the meaning of our existence in the highest spiritual and moral aspect”.

Extract from the ALLATRA International Public Movement report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”

Only kindness and humanity of people towards each other can save our civilization from destruction. And these features represent the best in each of us. One only has to wake up from all the lies and empty illusions of fear, rise in the purity of human spirit, and be guided in life only by the best human qualities: Honor, Conscience, morality, and spiritual purity. We must not be indifferent to evil, for it only becomes stronger because of impunity!

As Igor Danilov has said: "Even a single person can do a lot... Every evening, a sage came up to the mirror and asked himself: 

"Who are you, and who were you today: a slave or a free man?" This is what distinguishes a free man from a slave. A slave, even when he sees evil and is not indifferent to it, remains silent. A free man, seeing evil and lies, doesn’t pass by, but acts according to Honor and Conscience here and now, as befits a truly free man."


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