ALLATRA - Crowdfunding with Conscience. Experience of a participant

My name is Alyona. I am a member of the ALLATRA International Public Movement. My personal path to pure Knowledge was long and interesting, but this is not about that right now. After that first step, which has brought me to ALLATRA International Public Movement, a lot of time has passed by earthly standards. This is that very step when you realize that here is it... That’s what I was looking for all my life. When I felt for the first time that I have a Soul, I felt an inner  need to shout about it to the whole world. I had a clear understanding that I need to do something, but I often listened to my consciousness, yielding to doubts like: "what can I do alone or I will fail or I won’t be understood, won't be heard". Thanks to communication with like-minded people, the voice of the Soul became louder and despite everything, I just began to act. Participating in the ALLATRA IPM, I was familiar with all the projects that were created and implemented by the same people. As each person has a certain circle of friends and acquaintances.

At one point, quite by chance (but we understand that it is not by chance) I heard the conversation of several people. They were discussing the condition of automobiles in the vehicle fleet and the poor condition of tents on trucks. And here I realized what good I can do...

After the conversation with the owner of an automobile company, we made a joint decision to post a project on the platform of the ALLATRA International Public Movement "Crowdfunding with Conscience" and with the whole world to raise funds needed for a new awning advertising the books by Anastasia Novykh.

First of all, I informed the employees of the automobile company about global projects of the Movement and the books. Together with like-minded people – designers and artists we developed a layout that will be printed on the awning. Now it was time to look for the company that will be able to print the tent with the layout for us. In Poland we found a company that does their work with very high quality. The owner of the automobile company had joined the team project – led negotiations with the Poles, sent them the layout, negotiated with them the final amount and discounts. Now the time of the Platform had come.

Volunteers from ALLATRA TV helped to make a video with a request to unite and to raise funds for the manufacturing of the awning – for many years it will be a good way to popularize the books by Anastasia Novykh, which contain pure Knowledge. It's so great, it seemed to be just one project, but it involved a large number of people. And at once you understand that you are never alone, because there is a common goal and all are united by pure Knowledge. One group of guys was busy with making the video and editing it, the second one was doing the layout, and the third one helped and explained how to place the project and design it according to the rules of the platform "Crowdfunding with Conscience" Later those people who wished to help financially joined and of course to share this info in social networks informing other people about the project. At that moment, I felt the power of everyone as of myself. There were many of us and we were all like one. The project ended successfully, funds were raised and the awning was placed on the truck. Now a huge number of people in different countries can see it, because the truck regularly makes trips throughout Europe. The driver of the truck is sharing the experience of how people in different countries react to the books. Some of them write down the web site address, others download the books, and some of them got as gifts from the driver the audio books by Anastasia Novykh on CD discs, and of course, a sincere talk about pure Knowledge.

Once on the New Year's day my friends and I visited the hospital complex in the city of Boryspil, and brought to the toddlers' of the Children's Department who were in the hospital the colouring pages of Allatrushkal, and talked with the Head doctor and Heads of the departments. We all know that hospitals are constantly in need of something. And here appeared a new idea for the platform "ALLATRA – Crowdfunding with Conscience". There appeared an opportunity to acquaint people with projects of ALLATRA Movement and with the books by Anastasia Novykh. The employees know that some people do charity work and sometimes make different kind of gifts to hospitals, and we offered them a joint cooperation. For them it was new experience. Being inspired by the idea, the hospital staff began to participate actively in the design of the project for the platform. This is a socially important project, one on which it is impossible to earn in the future and which will help many people in the cure of their bodies. At this moment, the traumatology department of Boryspil Central Hospital needs a wheelchair for transportation of the patients, and the refrigeration equipment for the labwork. The Department of Surgery needs a bipolar clamp used in operations for welding blood vessels. The resuscitation department is sorely in need of a medical aspirator. Seems like basic things, but they play an important role in every day activity of the hospital and are used to save lives of many people. The hospital workers decided not to wait until someone comes and does something for them; they began to actively implement the project into life. The Head of the Department of Traumatology helped to find where to buy the necessary wheelchair and refrigeration equipment. The Head of Resuscitation Department – the medical aspirator, and Surgery Dept. was looking for contacts, where to buy the welding clamp. And again there was the same feeling of all-embracing love and unity with all. It’s very cool to feel, that there are so many really kind, honest people on the planet. Maybe some people have not come across the Knowledge yet, but they also feel their Soul, can hear the voice of conscience, and, having united, go towards a common goal. In everything that we do in our life, most important thing is to listen to the voice of conscience, and to go through life, becoming a real Human.

Having some experience from the previous project, the second one was much easier to implement, because you already have the necessary experience. And again we had united in work for the soul and from the soul... Designers, operators, editors, lawyers, administrators and other people. Again this feeling coming from inside, the communication and the design of the project on the platform. Now, thanks to many kind-hearted people from around the world, the project is nearly completed. A very small amount of money still needs to be found. But how wonderful it is to feel this.... Happiness.... Happiness, when we have nothing to divide and nothing to prove. Just to be human and to carry the title of a Human into the world. After all, only our own example can help people to Wake up and remember Who are we? And why were we born?

When uniting people by the spiritual and moral core everything becomes possible, even the impossible. After all, the Man is never alone... The system separates, people unite. Only at the beginning of my path it seemed to me that I was alone, and actually everything is going according to His Will – the Creator of all. We need only to start, to take the first step and we will succeed. And of course when any life circumstance arises, remember: "WHO am I? AND WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?"

Some may have a question: "What for? Well, you understood, well done, go to God in your way."

The answer is very simple, when I understood, first of all – when I felt... there is the inner need to create. When it comes from the inside, it’s like you're becoming everything, and you're everywhere... Then the main goal in your life becomes to wake up and to learn God completely, holding onto this feeling, which is the way home. I would like to add a quote from the book by Anastasia Novykh:

"Let the rays of your good go out into the world, share pure knowledge with people and many souls will be warmed by their heat. And then, from your little pure sparkle two sparkles will flare up. And where there are two, there will be a third one. And when there are a lot of such sparkles, the real flame will flare up. So one person may do a lot of useful and good things! And he can’t even imagine himself how massive his deed will be and how precious will be his work before God for the sake of his soul."

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  • Gushak Evgenia

    Gushak Evgenia 11.04.2016 - 11:15

    Thank you for interesting experience. It sounds so unusual, but really cool! Good job) It would be great "dress" so a couple of machines..

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