Good deeds mean maturing souls, or how I became friends with Allatrushka

To do good is an inherent need of a person’s soul. This statement is about everybody! All of us inside are bright and beautiful creatures… However, in reality we often ask ourselves: what can I do?

Once I also fell into this trap. Now I see the experience of ALLATRA International Public Movement (IPM), participants of which carry out a lot of ambitious projects directed to unification and creation; for instance, AllatRa TV (, AllatRa Radio (, AllatRa News ( and many others. From outside, it may seem to be done by professionals for a very high price – what does it have to do with me? I am just a regular person without any special skills. But this is completely wrong! Let’s have a look inside the movement and see how it all really works…

How I became a part of “Allatrushka” project.

To participate in a good and creative project, you just need to have a sincere desire and willingness to act! Everything is very simple. The platform for unification does exist. It is ALLATRA International Public Movement. Coordination center of the movement is a common point where regular people like me can quickly find like-minded individuals to implement their projects, or can join those which already exist. In my case, I had no idea what I should do and how, that is why in my e-mail addressed to ALLATRA IPM, I honestly described all of my not numerous skills and asked: can I do anything to help?

I didn’t have to wait long for the reply and soon I was introduced to people who work with Allatrushka project. Within its framework are drawn wonderful colouring books, postcards, models of calendars, posters, and magnets, as well as amazing cartoons with a kind and bright character Allatrushka are created. I’d like to mention that although I like drawing (I studied at an art school), but I didn’t do anything like this before. At first, it is a little scary – how can I do it? I don’t have this ability. Actually, it is just an excuse of our consciousness. We can learn everything quite quickly and easily. And believe me, it is worth it!

A few words about the team.

So, it turns out that to find like-minded people and join a project is very easy. The question is how relationships inside the team are built. All of us are used to the idea that if there is a project, then somebody must be in charge, that there must be a supervisor, who makes decisions, there must be subordinates who are responsible for a certain part of a project, and there must be doers who do what they are told. Currently, this is a well-known model. Perhaps, it works in some spheres, but not for those who try to realize their sincere desire to do good! It doesn’t obey any orders from the top…

The guys who create Allatrushka are not just a team, it is a real solid company of close friends! There are neither superiors, nor subordinates. All of us are equal participants of the project and each of us contributes something that he/she can do and considers necessary. Somebody can draw well, somebody animates, somebody writes poems and songs, somebody records sounds, and somebody shares information online… all can find a task to enjoy! And everybody can fully unlock their creativity.

Moreover, none of us is limited within the boundary of one project. The simple principle, which I already mentioned, works here. Everybody contributes as much as he/she considers necessary. This means it is done voluntarily and with pleasure. Actually, we just help each other to create something wonderful and bright. If I see that my skills are useful in several projects, why not participate as much as I can?

Of course, at first such a solid community seemed strange to me. Consciousness couldn’t understand: how is it possible for such a big project not to be monitored. Someone must “give tasks”, “allocate roles”, “control the implementation”…. But it appeared to be useless. We create because we want it ourselves, because we have the inner need. And to have our actions coordinated, several people perform coordinating functions. Actually, they don’t differ from us, they are equal participants of the process, but they voluntarily take on more responsibilities – they must be always aware of everything that is going on in the project, and provide each participant with necessary information. That’s it!

I very much like the quotation about dolphins from “Sensei-IV” book by Anastasia Novykh.

“They have no significant differences between leaders and subordinates. The only difference is that a leader takes responsibility in a critical situation.”

In our case, it’s more or less the same! What else can I say about our group? We are people from different towns and countries who spend our free time creating something cool and kind. Everybody came here voluntarily and we can leave voluntarily, if we feel it necessary. The only thing that unites us is our wish to create together. Actually, this is the most perfect key to unification, isn’t it?

How I learned to animate.

As I’ve mentioned, when I joined the project, I couldn’t do anything that other participants could do. However, it wasn’t confusing for others – as I understood later, all the participants had been in my shoes in the beginning. When we first met, the participants explained to me briefly what they were doing and recommended some free video-lessons on YouTube to help me understand the programs we are working with now.

I started enthusiastically and suddenly found out that it was not as difficult as it had seemed in the beginning! The reason is that I wasn’t starting at zero, but in fact I was joining the accumulated experience of the team. I was offered and learned particularly those lessons and “tools” and functions of programs which were necessary for me to start creating here and now! After spending about 5-6 hours (over a period of several days), I was already able to make a simple cartoon with Allatrushka!

I should clarify here the general process of animation. In theory, first you draw all the objects which will take place in a cartoon – the place of action, objects, characters – and then it is all compiled together into a scene in a special program. Movements of objects, characters and the camera are programmed, music and speech are added, etc. It looks like a game of a doll house: you take a doll, put it on a chair, give it a cup, speak for it…

So, If I had decided to learn animation by myself without the team, I would have had to learn how to draw these chairs and cups, to create characters, to learn how to record… And that is not all. But here, in Allatrushka project, all of it has already been done. You just have to take the material which has been carefully prepared and create!

Consequently, to create something great, you don’t have to spend years to learn how to do it. That is one of the advantages of teamwork. However, if somebody wants to perfect this art, there are no obstacles to doing it, because each participant of the team is ready to share his/her experience sincerely and free of charge.

While creating my first piece of the cartoon, I found myself in the following situation: my imagination tells the way it must be done but my hands don’t know how to do it… This is when real friendly communication started. Guys explained everything to me patiently and I’m very grateful to them. You can see the results in the cartoon. Isn’t it beautiful?

So in this way, thanks to the many-sided experience of participants of the project, the team creates amazing things, which seem to be made by professionals. We constantly exchange our experiences, learn from each other and independently. Those, who learn something new (e.g. they found a nice video or plug-in on the Internet, or voluntarily signed up for any courses), then this explains it and transfers it to the others. This way, for example, courses of video editing, animation and design were organized. But people, who are teaching them are not super-professionals! At one time, they came to the project and didn’t know anything, but with time they learned, got knowledge and now they share it with people. Everybody can participate! You just need to contact [email protected]


It may seem strange, but we don’t have a special studio with super-powerful computers, which are used to animate Allatrushka from morning till night. As I mentioned, our team is international and we live in different towns and countries! Ordinary chat in Skype helps us to communicate and stay in touch. Yes, so easy and great. As close friends, we make an appointment in advance and at fixed time each of us, using his/her computer, joins the call to discuss our tasks and just to talk. We share news, exchange experience, brainstorm, work on scripts, and distribute scenes… We do everything by ourselves since there are no superiors.

It is amazingly easy to communicate in such a group, even for those who are not good at it (I am speaking about myself). When it concerns something official, my tongue becomes stagnated and reluctantly moves to pronounce several words – only official, checked and undoubtedly correct words. But here we are all friends and communicate in a friendly way. All fears disappear at once, because essentially they are empty. Only sincerity, which is important for real creativity, stays. There are no borders; there is only the flight of a soul. It is wonderful!

Technical and economic base

Let’s take an average person who has an average salary and has an average computer at home. On average, the programs that we use operate on average computers well enough (without taking into consideration the newest versions – but they are not necessary). An average person has average time (for hobby) which is plenty enough to learn these programs… Quite complicated, isn’t it?!

To make it simpler, I am a regular person. I have a computer at home (as most of us have). In the evening, after coming home from work, I switch on my computer, open programs for animation and… Hello, Allatrushka! How beautiful you are today!

Of course, I don’t do it every day. Sometimes I am tired, sometimes I have to do something around the house, or we have good weather and I want to go for a walk… But sometimes it is the opposite. Working on the next piece of a cartoon, I forget about sleep and food, and go deep into the process. Actually, it is always possible to find time for creativity: go to bed an hour later (or wake up an hour earlier if you are an early riser), take a notebook with a pen for a walk, free up a lunch break at work, throw the TV out the window, etc. Perhaps, this process is as creative as creation itself and, moreover, absolutely unexpected: you never know where a new idea will come to you and how the opportunity to fulfill it will appear. And this too has some charm!...

In general, this is the way each participant of the project acts. All of us create at home when we are free from work or study, when we want it, using our personal computers, laptops and tablets. Sometimes we are a little lazy, sometimes we have sleepless nights to finish the task as soon as possible. Does it remind you of anything? I will give a hint, that’s how all people who create behave – poets, musicians, artists, needle workers, etc. They find tools themselves, they learn themselves, and they work themselves. The only difference is that we do it in a big friendly team, but the idea is the same.

Why was all this needed

“Good thoughts with strong desire are signs of good deeds. Good deeds are the essence of maturing souls”

-- Anastasia Novykh “Ezoosmos” book --

To do Good is an essential need for a person’s Soul. This statement is about everybody! All of us inside are bright and beautiful creatures… But in reality, one question often arises: what can I do? Now I know the answer to this question and I hope you also know it. As a building is made of bricks, so a big deed is made of our small acts, even very little ones. A really big and solid deed appears only when each brick is in its place. To do Good is very simple. The most important thing is to discover your own inner light, fill yourself with it and then it will surely appear outside. When such lanterns are numerous, they turn into a glaring bright light, illuminating everything around. Believe me, it’s worth it!

Video with Allatrushka:

Yellowstone. ALLATRA SCIENCE report about climatic changes on Earth. Allatrushka


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