Information War. Which Side is Your Consciousness On?

Nowadays, the human civilization is living through times of information age. Information has become the only important resource of absolute value. “The one who owns information - owns the world”. On the whole, information is the apparatus of influence, it is a tool of handling people’s mind on the global–planetary scale. And the main lever of this mechanism, to a wide extent, is mass media. This includes newspapers, magazines, TV, internet resources, external data carriers (billboards, advertisement), mobile phones, which receive messages in any form (SMS, MMS, e-mail). All these sources of information take an active part in the battle for people’s consciousness.

Now we have something, which we didn’t have before (as we are being convinced today) – “real freedom of speech”. We are reminded about this at every opportunity. But what is the idea in this very “freedom of speech“? If we think about the meaning of this сoncept, we will be able to understand that “freedom of speech” is a possibility to voice different points of view to different people about these or those problems of the society. It manifests as free choice of the form of presentation and in the expression of the thoughts. It is formed by the principles and the moral level of the person who proclaims this information. So, while giving this or that information about some problems of our society, that very same journalist realizes that the way in which the information he is giving will be taken in by people absolutely depends on his style and form of presentation, how it will influence people’s attitude towards this or that event, situation or a person. And, of course, the result of the influence of this information on a person’s consciousness is known beforehand and consequently, of the unspoken creation in his consciousness of one or another opinion. But, this is already in the realm of hidden control of people.

Unfortunately, the processes in our society, to which we have become witness, point to the fact that “the freedom of speech” nowadays is understood to be the synonym for the concept of “permissiveness”. While observing the work of mass media, there arises a desire to compare the work of some unscrupulous journalists to the attitude of teenagers who are absolutely unaware of the outcome of their negative activity, sometimes only carrying out somebody’s political, economical, or some other “order”, that is, simply making money on lies. As a result, we get a predominance of “informational rubbish”: aimless “soap operas” that blunt the human consciousness, endless political talk-shows which are discussing the depth of crisis in our society , which activate in people only aggression, contention and anger; news programs which flood negative depressing information onto the people. There is a feeling that nothing happens in the world except scandals of politicians, gossiping celebrities, local road accidents, murders at the local level, and terrorism. The films are churned out according to the same stereotypical plots. The series’ storylines are low-quality and vulgar, making people live someone else’s life instead of living their own real life. Talk-shows are speculating on the sordid, activating in people the passion for eavesdropping and spying.

People by their nature are imitators – they always mimic each other. So, how will they act if they constantly see only

negative behavior style, which is imposed onto them day and night with the help of mass media? And our youth – the future of humanity - suffers first and foremost.

Actually, the focus of our attention is intentionally switched from primary to third-rate perception. While analyzing the above information, we get the following conclusion: this is not a coincidence, but a very well-planned out action. It becomes understood that there is an informational war, a war for our consciousness, a war for the future without us and our children. Because if aggression is always activated in people… there is a logical conclusion of what the result will be…

Propaganda is a great power which can do more damage to a concrete nation than military operations on its territory. As a result, without any exaggeration, we can assert that mass media is one of the most important mechanisms of influence on the stability of the situation in the country, in the world, in formation of the public opinion and the mood among masses.

You can analyze everything that happens yourself, by considering what was said above. Where are the society and civilization pushed to? Because all of this global control is, one way or another, reflected in mass media and in the information which is given by them.

If you look carefully, you will see that in many “developed” countries, business and politics are so interconnected that there are no borders between a politician, a businessman or a public official. This situation has lead to the fact that the latter forgot about what it means “to serve the state and people”, “state interests”, or “esprit de corps”. They chose “profit”, “benefit” and “personal well-being”. So, in most cases, temporary people come to rule the country, but they care only about profit. They don’t worry about what is happening in the world, in a global sense, because they understand that they are on duty for a few years at the most, and during this short period of time, they have to make enough capital for “worry-free life”. So, because they don’t assume global responsibility for their people and the future of their country, they overlook letting destructive information out, and this information not only reformats the people’s consciousness, but destroys the spiritual basis of human existence in them as a whole.

Mass media is always subject to an intergovernmental ideology, if such exists. In conditions of market economy, all levels of society life are controlled by economical laws and aims – receiving maximum profit at minimum cost. Newspapers, magazines, TV, radio – all these nowadays became commercial enterprises and their main goal is to make money for their owners. So these days, for a fee, it is possible to create promotion and advertisement of any products, events or people. You can create news, informational occasion, attract general public's attention to this or that event or situation. There is a sense that some people who work in mass media absolutely forgot that the primary human calling is to serve the ideals of kindness and propaganda for humanity. Strictly speaking, nobody talks about this even at the lectures at the institutes where future journalists are taught.

Instead of this, all the technics and methods of influence on people’s consciousness are very elucidated there. But if all Mass Media are in the “ market economy” , - we have a question – who pays for their activity ? Who forms our world outlook, who influence our consciousness and technically takes us away from propaganda of human values ?

Let us not forget that the job of being a representative of mass media is, first of and foremost, to serve his Conscience. This person is like a subtle operator, conductor of the information, working with other people’s psyche. His honesty , professionalism, high level of intelligence , moral and cultural values – all of these facts influence what kind of society we, our families, our children and relatives (as well as he himself and his family, by the way) will live in. The quality of the information which is given to people depends on the inner purity of those who work in mass media, it depends on their depth of consciousness and on their understanding of the processes in the society. They are the ones who set a vector of community development. Mass media is capable of directing the society onto a positive wave , of creating all the conditions necessary for a creative society, which will be responsible for all the processes that happen in the community, where people are co-creators.

The main problem of people lies in their apathetic attitude: “What can I do alone? “ But actually, everyone is capable of a lot… Each of us is able to influence the global situation. All of us have missed positive and kind information, have missed creative TV and radio programs, projects in newspapers and magazines. What prevents journalists from changing the vector of their thinking and from starting to create for the benefit of the people instead of harm?

Nothing, except stereotypes and lack of faith in the real power of one’s words. Let’s join the process of creation together! Everyone can come up with an idea, write a positive article for a local newspaper or the internet, or TV…

Let’s be creative and cognitive, because each one of us is a carrier of unique knowledge and life experience. We can set a new fashion for GOOD! When this initiative will come from regular citizens, then our journalists will catch this wave and will have to reformat their ether as they reaсt to “market needs”. Do your best to DO GOOD around yourself and you will notice how the society around you will change, how people’s attitude towards each other will change for the better and kinder. And remember: accepting this or that information depends entirely on your choice, it depends on your ability to “separate the wheat from the chaff”… SOW GOOD INTO THE WORLD AND YOU WILL BE REWARDED BY A GREAT HARVEST OF GOOD IDEAS AND A SOCIETY OF KIND PEOPLE!


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