Journalist of Goodness - One Who Participates in Formation of Spiritual and Creative Society

Mass media occupy a special niche in the life of modern society. Press, television, radio, internet are united by one concept- journalism. It is difficult to overestimate its social role, because sometimes the way of presenting information can influence people’s attitude to one or another event , formation of their worldview and as a result the future of a whole generation. Journalism in its modern form for the most part represents an obedient tool, which promotes the formation of specific way of thinking, a behavioural pattern for mass. It is deeply rooted in houses and consciousness of many people through modern means of communication and press. Sometimes people without any doubt believe in everything that is announced on TV channels or appears on colorful newspaper pages. Meantime every intelligent person should think whether the work of modern journalists encourages creative or destructive processes in the society.

Let’s try, avoiding any imposed stereotypes, to talk about the way journalism looks like today and the way it will be in the society where cultural and moral principles play the key role.

Journalist is a profession; it is a calling to find interesting facts, to compare different points of view, to give an unbiased evaluation and to present it to people. A good report, probably, should not have direct influence, non-verbal actions of the reporter, special intonations and accents, persuading a person to accept a “needed” point of view. It should give a man a space for choice and encourage him to get to the truth in the matter that he is interested in.

Certainly, there are a lot of good people among journalists who do not find it simple to work “in the system” and announce from TV screens only the information prepared by editors on demand of the sponsors of videos. Sometimes such videos do not correspond to the concept of “Conscience” in the perception of editors, reporters and the authors of articles themselves.

However, as they say, they “continue to do their job”. Moreover, some time after, they observe with regret that even their children, nearest and dearest, chock in the flow of partly truthful information and at times suffer from lie heard from the screen. They observe how, due to their efforts, a consumer pattern of behavior is artificially being imposed on society, how a specific worldview of the young generation (beneficial only to a few people) is being formed. And for sure it does not promote cultural and moral development of society. As a result, there is a paradox of our time: on the one hand, journalist provides society with destructive information, but on the other hand, he wants as every man of sense, to live surrounded by good people, he wishes only good to his relatives and children. His actions contradict his thoughts and that dooms him to internal sufferings later on. However, it is possible to act in a different way…

Today practically all leading domestic and world TV and radio companies as well as press are private property. Consequently, the information provided by such mass media is well filtered and changed. Mass media, in their modern form, is, on the one hand, a good tool for manipulation of mass consciousness in the hands of owner, but on the other hand, it is a profitable enterprise, because every article in newspaper or magazine, any TV release costs a lot. Mass media work in accordance with the principle of consumer society - “The one who pays, orders the music”. A man switching on TV, opening a newspaper or a news site, would like to get truthful information, would like to know what good has happened in his town, country or the world. Instead of this, he gets “something” for granted.

Journalists themselves (editors, tv and radio reporters) are well aware of the fact that at times they tell or write lie, sometimes professionally disguising the truth so that audience can hardly distinguish the Truth from a Lie. Are journalists, as well as all ordinary people, really like this inside? Does the voice of Conscience tell them to act like this?

All people, figuratively speaking, are drifting in one boat in this world. The actions of journalists and sponsors imposing destructive information on society, focused on domination of consumer relations between people and eradication of primordial cultural traditions, look as if they start making holes in this boat and sink it consciously in spite of the fact that their children are on boat.

A reader may have a question: “What should I do?” One thing when young people, choosing a profession and having realized that mass media is a system where they will not be able to tell always the truth, can choose a different way in life. It is quite another matter when we have professional journalists by vocation that have devoted years of their life to the occupation they love. How can they go against deeply-rooted principles of mass media work, how can they act according to their conscience when the teleprompter in front of their face is full of lie and their duty is to tell this in camera? How can they not write (not publish) an article based on unreliable information, the one that has been already paid by a customer?

The answer is simple – you should be a Man in every situation. After all, external circumstances and conditions of people’s life are just a temporary examination of their moral virtues. Actually, what makes a person go against his Conscience? Fear. The fear to lose his job, respect of colleagues, the sources of financial income, and at times, life…But there is only nothing behind this fear, it is an illusion, formed in human’s mind by means of skillful manipulation of his consciousness. An ancient wisdom says that a kind man living in accordance with the high canons of Honor and Conscience, always finds his worthy place in life and always finds a way to be of benefit to people.

If the majority of journalists refuse to take part in destructive informational projects, if they choose a path of creation and before presenting information to a wide range of people will ask themselves a question: ”Would I tell it to my children?”, then mass media will soon completely change. We have to realize that due to the long tradition of presenting information by means of mass media, we will not be able to reach these transformations in a short time. However, as they say, “everything great starts with a little”: somewhere you miss a provocative word, somewhere you do not make a non-verbal gesture, required by the script of program, somewhere you change an accent and stress, giving a different shade of meaning to the release. You can do good in every place, wherever fate has brought man, everything depends on human’s inner choice.

The choice of every person, especially one involved in the work of mass media, can influence the future picture of the world to a great extent. It seems that in the future society with domination of cultural and moral principles, journalism will undergo essential natural changes. It will indeed serve society, work only for its benefit, without commerce and ordered lie. It will encourage progress in all spheres of human's life. The journalist of future in order to work in this not easy and responsible sphere should first of all correspond to those high moral principles that he has decided to serve. The earlier now every journalist, correspondent , editor or director will start changing inside, becoming a Man, the stronger will be his foundation for future professional and individual development, the more good he will bring to people and will really contribute to the formation of society with domination of cultural and moral principles. Everything is in people's hands!


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