Influence on the subconscious. How not to give in to manipulations of mass consciousness?

Information flows surround us all the time. TV set is in every house and not even one, but several. Countless TV and radio channels "charge"us news and events that happen in the world, country and city. Numerous television entertainment programmes promise to fill in our leisure time and help us to relax after a long workday. But what is the quality of TV product that’s sold today? Colorful, attractive wrapper. And what is the content? Bright Hollywood movies offer us different types of modern heroes and the values that they defend in the "hard struggle" with "evil." In which way does the water of this infotainment tsunami bring us? What values do these movies and talk shows with the scandalous news form in our minds? What heroes does the younger generation imitate? And how does all of this "brand philosophy" from the television and movie screens affect our life?

Back in my childhood my family traditionally sat at the TV set every night to watch a popular news program - "Time". Such tradition has been kept to this day in many families. However, the number of news programs have increased, and the news has the other content now. The emphasis in the news has radically changed. It is clear that the news in the USSR was ideological and aimed at maintaining the ruling regime. But, nevertheless, it was always positive and informed us about science, culture and sport achievements. After such news, there was a pride both for country and its people! It never showed unconcealed violence, although it took place in the outside world. After such kind of news "There was a desire to live and work!"

Watching the modern news today, “that reflects our reality” as we are told, I noticed the impact on myself resulting in the mood decline and depression. It would seem logical in case of such news. After analyzing the plots and the nature of the news, it became clear what kind of subconscious orientation is laid to the viewer. News agencies compete in the blood and scandalous news. All kinds of author’s programs keep counts of the number of murders, rapes and scandals during the week. Native popular-science programs have disappeared from the screens. But the private life of well-known politicians, movie and theatre stars shows off. Nowadays family scandals and divorces are in vogue. It seems like we do not have other matters and interests. It is clear that our society is not like that and such a negative lifestyle is forcibly imposed on the public through the media.

When destructive programs only appeared on the screens, everybody was disgusted and genuinely outraged, but still continued to watch them. That was the so-called process of consciousness breaking. All these have awoken the animal interest, have amused consciousness and idle curiosity: “What will be at the end of unfolding drama in the program?” And now, many people are simply watching these shows and do not resent. Why? Because the appropriate orientation to watch such programs, dictating you the behavior pattern, has been already imposed. Overton Window is in action ...

Why people do not realize the results of these TV-viewings? After all, before our eyes, the media impose on the society moral degradation, weaken the positive mindset and people’s will and undermine moral and cultural values. As a result, all this filth has invisibly become the norm of our life. After all, we will deceive ourselves if we say that these programmes have no effect on us.Well, older people have at least some immunity to this information virus. Their immunity is based on the past experience, when the films and programs were good and informative, aimed for the formation of high moral principles in the society, stimulating person’s intelligence and promoting healthy lifestyle. And even our grandparents are ‘addicted’ to endless one-day serials. And the youth is left face to face with that information filth, because they do not even have anything to compare with, they don’t have other experience! They copy everything that TV programmes offer them with valiant enthusiasm.

It is worth mentioning the negative impact of some films on the human mind. They aimed at promoting consumer attitude in the society. These films can not be even considered as elements of culture. It is a poison that flows under anesthesia in the consciousness of young people as orientation of the behavior norms. The process of formation and recording of the right information into people’s subconscious is as follows: Cinema itself is an entertainment product which proposes rest and relaxation. People do not particularly try to analyze the plot, the nature of the characters, their behavior style and their correspondence to the historical events. And they receive information through the visual nerve, which goes directly to the subconscious, bypassing the analysis process. At the moment of emotional outburst they get orientation of certain behavior norms. But what are these norms? According to the plot, the heroes of action films leave behind a great number of corpses and countless numbers of beautiful women, with whom they have spent a night. It lays in the subconscious of the audience the same behavioral model. It’s clear that, not everybody will at once fly to arms and hurry to kill, but the seed has been sown, and during the certain "critical" state of mind a person can subconsciously choose this pattern of behavior. You all know the examples when young people in US schools took up the arms and killed their peers and teachers, and after all committed a suicide. They arranged a bloody Western in civilian life, just like in action movies! In most feature films which popularize murder, no one really shows you the actual changes in killer’s mind, his compunction and how eventually turns his life.

Most modern films influence on people’s subconscious, and say that the most important thing in life - is money and consumerism in the society! They lay destructive orientation like "You live only once", "Enjoy your life to the full", "Nothing matters than money," "You can derive pleasure only from sex", "Love and relations are nothing", "Education is nothing", "Moral values are nothing”! Person is under the negative pressure all the time because the information filth is flowing from TV screens, movies and radio. Look, what are the protagonists of most films,that we are crammed with, struggling for? They are ready to do everything for money and glory: treason, murder, robbery. It is embelished with such incentives that they rob and kill villains, who once did the same. The phrase comes to mind "Rob what was robbed". But no one says that this manner does not make people better and more honest, but turns them into the same villains they fought against.

Another phenomenon is twisting of history and changing the true qualities of the historical figures. For example, let’s take a colorful and exciting adventure film "The Mummy". A lot of people around the world have watched it. At first sight, it’s a good film, with elements of fantasy, humor, without further overt violence scenes. But ... The main anti-hero in it is Imhotep. According to the plot of the film, it is the High Priest of the Reigning Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, who once allegedly betrayed and killed him using black magic and his followers’ help. Subsequently, he has risen from the mummy into a living person. We can say: so what? The normal non-standard, interesting story, an exciting adventure film. But I think that very few people went to the library after watching this film and found out for themselves who this outstanding figure of ancient Egypt, Imhotep, really was.. But if you ask a lot of people who watched the film about him, they will say at best: "eh-eh-eh, he is from the "Mummy", "he is an evil priest with knowledge of black magic". In fact, according to history, Imhotep was an outstanding physician, the supreme dignitary at Pharaoh Djoser, who founded III dynasty in 2778 BC. Imhotep was a talented person in many ways. He left behind a whole gold mine of spiritual sayings. He was a great scholar and architect, who conducted the construction activity of one of the first step-type pyramids, named in honor of Pharaoh Djoser. You can read more about Imhotep’s life and his social activities, for example, in the book by Anastasia Novykh "Sensei-IV».

So it turns out that with help of a good film, but also with a particular orientation, it can be quite misleading for many people and can artificially obstruct their attention to some important spiritual moments of history.

You might ask what’s to be done? How to protect oneself from this damaging effect? There is a way out! And it lies in a conscious change of orientation, changing the focus in the mind from a destructive to a constructive one. The best method is to analyze what you are being offered to watch and identify the orientation. Then you can teach others how to do this. Many people do not even understand it. And the easiest way, if you are not able to analyze, is don’t watch or listen to negative programs. Because in essence, all of these entertainment shows – it’s a business in which the product is our attention. Consumers form the market. That is, if the majority of consumers will sincerely want and reach for the good, friendship, love, joy, and science, then there will appear a business offer for such a demand. Using the same psychological techniques, our television and film industry will be able to put the constructive settings into the society. They will create programs, predisposing people to positive mindset.

Yes, in addition, maybe I will say a banal phrase, but currently one of the bastions of positive and useful information remain the libraries and some of the contemporary books. I understand that it’s impossible to give up television and movies all at once. But I think that many of you, when going to the country or camping for a few days, noticed that it seems like an "invisible cap" has been removed from your head, which was pressing down on the brain and depressing the spirit.. Start working on self-development, self-knowledge, reading books, studying foreign languages, enjoying sports and tourism. We are surrounded by an interesting, multi-faceted, unexplored world. A lot depends on young parents who must show a good model of behavior in the family and life with help of their own example. They must teach children order, self-development, sports. And not to leave them one-on-one with a Hollywood production. The spiritual health improvement of a society is a complicated process, but it must start with one person, I mean, each of us. Since, a great journey starts with the first step.


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