Journalism and honesty. Revival of truth depends on everyone. Living with honor and conscience

Why in the today‘s world news and examples of kindness, humanity, mutual assistance and friendship between nations, of positive changes in different regions and countries around the globe are shamefully ignored and nearly suppressed?

Maybe we should start acting like humans towards each other, preserve and enhance the spirit of brotherhood, peaceful neighborliness and mutual respect between nations? Who really makes the choice? Why are there judas journalists who sell their Honor, Conscience, human dignity, and all the best and kindest in them, for 30 cents?

Different people work in mass media. Most of them are decent and honest journalists who reflect information in a professional, objective and ethical way across the globe, who express opinions, being guided by the purity of their human spirit, their honor and conscience…

This video is an extract from the film “Who benefits from the world conflict? Or ALLATRA IPM refers to dignity, freedom and human rights


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