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JOURNALISTS WITHOUT BORDERS (JWB) community site is a blog network where every person can openly express his opinion. 

The topics that are covered by the community are the following.

1. Investigation of facts of world conflict provoked by several unconscionable journalists of the Ukrainian TV channels and printed press which have publically slandered global ALLATRA International Public Movement and one of its members – well-known Dr. Igor Danilov whom people in many countries call the Man of Peace. Being Christian himself, he publicly supported the true Islam (reconciliation) and unity of all people on the planet.
2. Study of facts of violations of human rights embodied in declarations of international organisations (UN, UNESCO, PACE and others).
3. Identification of facts of slander against international organisations, deliberate and planned damage to their reputation.
4. Facts about the activity of ALLATRA International Public Movement.
5. Identification of facts of transmitting unverified information through mass media, rumors, gossip, slander, journalistic ethics violations.
6. Identification of facts and methods of solving the problem of fake materials in world journalism.
7. Identification of facts and methods of solving the problem of broadcasting/publishing of sponsored programs/articles with knowingly false information, which incline people towards specific point of view.

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